Jonathan & Jennifer - Wedding in Cedar Park, TX by Loa Photography

What a beautiful day it was! On April 28, 2018 Jonathan and Jennifer were wed in holy matrimony.  This was a beautiful wedding, one where commitment means something.

When Jennifer arrived she was relaxed and ready for her day....she looked great too - she has dropped some serious weight since the last time I saw her! Her family and friends were there to help organize and decorate - it was obvious to me that these people love her. 

I thought it was wonderful (and very touching) that they had prayer just before she was going to walk down the beautiful is that?! 

LoaPhoto.com_Cedar_Park_Wedding (A9 of 594) (224).JPG

Jonathan was also preparing for his bride, waiting to watch her walk down the isle to him...

LoaPhoto.com_Cedar_Park_Wedding (A9 of 594) (7).JPG

The ceremony was lovely, I feel so privileged to play a small part in something so meaningful. 

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After the ceremony and reception they chose a "bubble" exit with all of their friends and family present to wish them farewell.... 

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You can take a look at the video below to watch the entire day unfold.

Jonathan and Jennifer I wish you the very best and a bright future in Florida!

Thanks for allowing me to capture your special day! 


I would also like to thank Stephen and Kyla for their help... I couldn't have done it without you!