Chris & Emily - Engagement session in round rock, tx by loa photography

Chris and Emily met on Emily's 13th birthday while in eighth grade at Chisholm Trail Middle School. Emily says that the day she met him her science teacher announced to the class that it was her birthday. This was at the beginning of the school year. After class Chris came up and said "Hey, happy birthday - congratulations, you're one day closer to dying!" Then he picked up a penny from the floor and said "I got you something".  So..... obviously he had some pretty amazing pick up lines! But hey, they worked! She was "in love" with him, and they began dating. They dated during all of eighth grade until she broke up with him at the end of the school year. She told him that her mom wouldn't allow her to have a boyfriend over the summer.

Did I mention that Chris is tall? And Emily is well, not he's 6' 6" and she's 5' 1"?!!! 

They are such a cute couple! Well...perhaps I shouldn't say "cute", I don't think Chris would appreciate being called cute. So, let's see - they are a sweet couple...but then, hmmmm...sweet probably isn't a word he wants to have attached to him either. So, we will just say that it's obvious that they love each other! :D

So, what happened during high school and how did they get back together? Well, I'm glad you asked! They reconnected during high school and they were "on again - off again". They kept dating, breaking up, then getting back together again... At this point Emily's parents stepped in and said - you're too young for this type of relationship - you need to break it off. And so they did...they dated other people during their junior year, but still talked to each other - a little on the sly you could say. But then Emily felt guilty about doing even this behind her parents back, so they broke it off again. They didn't talk much at all during senior year.  They graduated high school in 2010. On August 10, 2012 she sent him a Facebook friend request. And on August 11, 2012 they went on their "first" date. In August of 2017 Chris proposed on the football field at the middle school where they met. And now they are getting married on August 11, 2018 - the anniversary of their first "real" date as adults. Chris was Emily's first boyfriend and he was also her first kiss. And soon she will receive her first kiss from him as her husband!