Jonathan & Jennifer - Engagement Session in Austin, tx by Loa Photography

Jonathan & Jennifer will be tying the knot on 04/28/18! 

They met on Christian Mingle in January of 2016.  Jonathan was living in Florida, but was originally from Cedar Park and Jennifer lived in Leander.  He contacted her first, and a few weeks later she asked if they could talk on the phone. According to Jennifer "Five seconds into the conversation I was very impressed".  They didn't really chat online much, but they talked on the phone and used skype a few weeks later.  They had "hot chocolate dates" on the phone.  Jonathan drove to Texas to meet her in person three weeks after they had talked on the phone. 81.JPG

They went to Roaring Forks and then Cheesecake Factory for their first date. They were also celebrating his birthday. Jennifer's first thought when she saw him was "he's tall..." he also talked about his kids a lot, which she loved. She loves the sound of his voice and the way that he dresses nice no matter what the occasion.  

She could see that he yearned to know the Bible more. They did a Bible study over the phone as another creative way to hang out with each other.  After Jonathan visited the first time he continued to come see Jenifer about once a month. 50.JPG

When Jennifer was asked when she knew that he was "the one" she replied:

"It wasn't a certain moment but when he kept accepting me for me. I could be myself with him faults and all and he loved me for me. His desire to be closer to God and know the Bible more makes him attractive."

 Jonathan proposed on July 9 2017 at Ponce de Leon lighthouse. At night, with a full moon just outside of Daytona Beach. He took her to the top of a lighthouse where there was a private area. 69.JPG

I am looking forward to their wedding day! What a blessing it will be to watch these two be joined together in matrimony.

Congratulations to Jonathan and Jennifer! I wish you joy, peace, love and happiness in your future together.